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Hui Yang® high-temperature resistant ceramic elbows – the solution to your high-temperature wear problems

Elbow is an important part of the pipeline connection, change direction, but due to the transported materials in the elbow to change direction, the elbow needs to withstand great impact and wear, especially coal dust conveying, dust removal system pipeline conveying entrained hard particles of high-temperature gases, its high temperature, high flow rate, high hardness of the particles, if you do not do anti-wear measures, less than a year will be worn out, and once worn out, it will have a direct impact on the economic interests of the enterprise and the site of the working environment.7c6a84c8bc9ad865061bb3b9daec1333_(1)(1)
Traditional anti-wear technology is usually more cast stone, cast steel, alloys and other materials, with the development of new materials and transportation technology, gradually replaced by the latest wear-resistant materials such as special ceramics, there are many types of wear-resistant ceramic elbows, but there are not many wear-resistant ceramic elbows that can be stably operated under high temperature conditions.

Hui Yang® high temperature ceramic elbows are characterized by high temperature and corrosion resistance and high abrasion resistance, using Densit® wear-resistant ceramic coatings with DSP technology, super dense structure.Densit® is mainly composed of aluminum trioxide and composite reinforced bonding system, with a compressive strength of up to 133 MPa.

Post time: Nov-29-2023