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About Us

About Us

Xin xiang Huiyang Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengluoxin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. The company has passed the Great Wall Quality Assurance Center GB / T19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015 international standard quality management system certification, the company's products are widely used in steel, mining, coal-fired power generation, port, cement, coking and other industries, providing technical consultation, engineering design, equipment production, equipment installation and other anti-wear engineering applications.

The company has established with ITW, SSAB, EDEM, ROSTA the technology of "multi-material, multi-environment, multi-angle" application of wear-resistant materials in engineering short for Taizhou.

As a domestic manufacturer of engineering materials, we always take the quality and economy of products as the primary consideration, starting from the project, to achieve global procurement of tools and equipment, reliability and long life as the benchmark point, committed to all aspects of affairs. PANSTONE Company, ELCOMETER, LORD, TAYLOR and other suppliers enrich our knowledge and experience, and our success largely depends on the excellent performance of our suppliers.

Comprehensive products, rich experience, focus on customer experience, this is our core advantage. We are always aware of our customers 'expectations of us, and we also take providing products and services that exceed our customers' expectations as the standard and motivation to measure our success.

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