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Ceramic non-powered coke screen

Short Description:

Ceramic unpowered coke screen is a kind of static and inclined curved screen plate, by the material weight, impact on the inclined screen surface to produce relative sliding and coke screen equipment.

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Product Characteristics

Ceramic unpowered coke screen using our company utility model patent technology (ZL 2021 2 2234859.7). Ceramic sieve and unpowered screen closely cooperate, the service life is more than five years, due to no powered input to save electricity, compared with the traditional vibrating screen can save electricity, screen costs, maintenance cost of about 1.5 million yuan (take the annual output of 1.5 million tons of production line as an example).
Coke contact part is ceramic, maintenance free for three years.
Long life effectively solves the problem of no maintenance time in CDQ production process, and solves the problem of unplanned shutdown caused by the replacement of screen plate and lining plate.
Ceramic unpowered coke screen adopts a new European wing observation door, fast opening and closing, convenient observation and maintenance.

Applied Range

Suitable for coke screening process (dry coke quenching process, water coke quenching process).

Commodity particle sorting before mineral sales, and particle level feed sorting before mineral entering the crusher.

product model Screen face width (mm) Screen surface length (mm) product model Screen face width (mm) Screen surface length (mm)
HYS-1530 1500 3000 HYS-3075 3000 7500
HYS-1836 1800 3600 HYS-3375 3300 7500
HYS-2060 2000 6000 HYS-4080 4000 8000
HYS-2575 2500 7500

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