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High temperature resistant ceramic liner(0-1200℃)

Short Description:

High-temperature ceramic liner adopts Densit® wear-resistant ceramic composite material, which is a kind of diamond ceramic composite material with extremely high strength and ultra-dense structure.

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Product Structure

Densit® mainly consists of wear-resistant aggregates and bonding system without macro defects, with the strength as high as 130MPa, which is much higher than that of general wear-resistant castables.Densit® adopts ionic compounds and partially synthetic covalent compounds with Densit® adopts ionic compounds and partially synthesized covalent compounds, which have strong ionic bonding and therefore high strength and stiffness, and can effectively resist the impact and shear stress of materials. Its bonding system utilizes composite reinforcement measures and special treatment to form a chemical combination, resulting in high strength.

Product Features

1. good abrasion resistance, more than 5 times that of wear-resistant steel.

2. no gaps in the overall structure due to casting and coating molding process, can be made into any geometric shape.

3. long service life, can reduce the maintenance and replacement cost of the liner, to avoid unplanned downtime and post maintenance investment caused by wear problems.

4. High thermal shock resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion of the material and high compressive strength.

Name Ambient temperature Thickness Note
HuiYang ®high temperature resistant ceramic lining plate A 0—400℃ Customize as required Densit ®apply material
HuiYang ® high temperature resistant ceramic lining plate B 400—1200℃ Customize as required Densit® high temperature resistant daub material

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