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Safety production month | Our company carries out emergency drills to prevent heat stroke from high temperature

In order to implement the theme activities of "Everyone speaks safety and everyone will respond to emergencies" in the safety production Month, effectively prevent heat stroke from high temperature and improve the ability of employees to respond to emergencies, recently, our company organized and carried out emergency exercise activities to prevent heat stroke from high temperature.
Before the exercise began, the commander explained to the participants the symptoms of heat stroke and the relevant matters to pay attention to the treatment of heat stroke personnel and first aid knowledge, and clarified the division of responsibilities for the exercise.

With a "heatstroke fainted, everyone hurry to save ah!" The emergency rescue drill officially began. After other personnel find the situation, they quickly carry the "sunstroke" staff to a cool and ventilated place on a stretcher, unfasten the clothes of the "sunstroke" personnel, and quickly report the danger to the workshop supervisor. After receiving the on-site report, the workshop supervisor immediately starts the emergency plan, and the safety officer guides the treatment work from several aspects such as lowering body temperature, adding water, and using medical kits. Through a series of assistance such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial cooling, and feeding Huoxiang Zhengqi water, the symptoms of "heatstroke" employees were relieved.

After the exercise, the commander summarized the emergency exercise, analyzed the shortcomings of the exercise, and proposed improvement measures, and stressed that we should further do a good job of preventing heat stroke, pay attention to a balanced diet and reasonable rest, and strictly prevent the occurrence of heat stroke events.
The drill effectively enhanced the awareness of summer production safety of front-line staff in the workshop, further improved the emergency response ability and coordination ability of all staff, and provided a strong guarantee for summer production safety.

Post time: Jun-07-2024