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Warmly congratulate our company won the “2023 Coking Industry Technology Innovation Award”.

In order to further promote the technological progress, healthy and high-quality development of the coking industry, and to solve the problems in design, construction and production operation, China Coal Chemical Industry Network (CCCIN) organised the "The 11th China Coke Oven Gas Utilisation, Pollution Control, Dry Coke Quenching and Green Electricity and Green Hydrogen Coupling Technology Conference" in Handan, Hebei Province, and conducted the "2023 Coking Industry Awards" selection during the conference. During the meeting, the "2023 Coking Industry Awards" were selected, and our company was honoured to win the "2023 Coking Industry Technology Innovation Award" by the industry leaders and experts.

This is a great joy for the company, and also a new starting point, a new leap and a new journey for the company. As an excellent engineering material supplier, the company always insists on taking the quality and economy of the products as the primary considerations, and keeps moving forward in innovation. The company's Zhangqian® ceramic powerless coke sieve, the scientific and technological innovation initiatives include the following aspects:
1, abandoned the original vibrating screen rely on power screening design, Zhangqian ® ceramic powerless coke screen using the material's own gravity for screening, no power input, annual savings of 70-90 million yuan in electricity costs. (Take the annual production capacity of 1.6 million tonnes of coke production line as an example);
2、No kinetic energy input, relative to the vibrating screen coke collision rate reduced by 90%, reducing coke crushing rate of about 3‰;
3、Screen bar adopts 92% AL2O3 ceramics, which can achieve five years maintenance-free, free of replacement of screen bars;
4、Adjustment of screen holes without replacing the screen plate, adjustment range 0-100mm.
5, Zhangqian® ceramic powerless coke screen overall sealed structure, the feed end of the curved design, material flexibility into the screen body, can reduce material crushing, reduce noise, reduce dust.

Post time: May-13-2024