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HuiYang®Ceramic elbow

Short Description:

Wear-resistant ceramic elbow is made of alumina, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and other ceramic sheets bonded with high-performance adhesive.

In the inner wall of the pipe, after heating and curing to form a wear-resistant ceramic protective layer, in the flow rate of less than 15m / s conveying

In the flow rate of less than 15m / s conveying environment or dust removal system applications.

Product Detail

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Product Features

1. Wear-resistant ceramic elbow can resist particle scouring, wear resistance is 10 times higher than ordinary elbow.
2. Resistant to ambient temperature -30℃-120℃°.
3. Reduce the cost of material consumption and save labor cost.

Scope of Application

Elbow fittings for slurry transportation and dust removal system.

Ceramic Pipe


Inside nominal diameter (mm)  Radius of curvature Angle
HY-030701 DN250 R=1.5D 45°90°
HY-030702 DN300 R=1.5D 45°90°
HY-030703 DN350 R=1.5D 45°90°
HY-030704 DN400 R=1.5D 45°90°
HY-030705 DN500 R=1.5D 45°90°
HY-030706 DN600 R=1.5D 45°90°
HY-030707 DN1000 R=1.5D 45°90°
HY-030708 DN2000 R=1.5D 45°90°

Note: It can be customized according to the requirements

Ceramic Pipe1

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