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HuiYang®Conveyor Ceramic Piping

Short Description:

Fai Yang® wear-resistant ceramic pipe consists of three layers: 304 stainless steel pipe, adhesive and ceramic pipe.

Wear-resistant ceramics can be used in various geometrical shapes as a wear-resistant lining. Specifically, the ceramic pipe is fired as a whole and then installed in sections inside the stainless steel pipe.

Product Detail

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Product Characteristics

1. Ceramic tube Vickers hardness HV1100-1400, ceramic tube in 1680 ℃ high temperature sintering, wear-resistant ability.
Strong force.
2. Adopting high strength imported adhesive, bonding strength up to 15.3MPa, in the -30℃-120℃ working condition environment, to meet the requirements of iron, aluminum, and other
In -30℃-120℃ working environment, to meet the iron base, aluminum base, non-metal base material expansion rate of different plastic changes caused by the bonding strength can be
The bonding strength can be as long as 3-8 years.
3. Ceramic pipe is an inorganic material, which effectively isolates the metal pollution of the transportation pipeline.

Scope of Application

Metallurgy, electric power, mining, coal, lithium and other industries.

Number Inside nominal diameter (mm) Number Inside nominal diameter (mm)
HY-030908 DN350 HY-030916 DN750
HY-030907 DN300 HY-030915 DN700
HY-030906 DN250 HY-030914 DN650
HY-030905 DN200 HY-030913 DN600
HY-030904 DN150 HY-030912 DN550
HY-030903 DN12.5 HY-030911 DN500
HY-030902 DN100 HY-030910 DN450
HY-030901 DN80 HY-030909 DN400

Note: It can be customized according to the requirements

Product Use

Widely used in: metallurgy, electric power, mining, coal, lithium and other industries.

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